Characteristics and Benefits Why choose ECO-FURNITURE?

ECO-FURNITURE's "eco-bility" can be listed as follows. While comparing to current standard mercury lamps, please see how "eco" the ECO-FURNITURE is with your own eyes.

  • 1.NO Electric Bills At ALL
    No Electricity Costs is needed for Power Generation and Consumption.
    ※When using Mercury Lamps, 30,000 〜 50,000 yen per Street Light will cost annually. What a waste!!
  • 2.Calorific Power lowered to 1/13
    By using LED Lights instead of Mercury Lamps, the Electric Consumption Lowers to under than 1/16. As low as 12W per Hour. One more step towards preventing Global Warming.
    ※Mercury Lamps will consume 200〜400W per Hour.
  • 3.Long Lasting LED Lights
    Usable for apx 40,000 Hours (Over 10 years), therefore maintenance-free for 10 years.
    ※Mercury Lamp's lasts for apx 12,000 Hours (apx 3 years).
  • 4.Reusable "GREEN" Components
    A very "CLEAN" street light for the body material being reusable and LED does not include hazardous material.
    ※Mercury is hazardous at disposal.
  • 5.Insect Repellent
    Insect-Free for the light being LED, Therefore, very easy to Clean.
    ※Mercury Lamps causes insects to gather by releasing light energy around 350mn.
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