VISION / Our Vision

City Scape Planning starts from the Environmental Planning.

We view the future City Scape Planning as the Unification of Environmental Conservation (Protection / Preservation) and Living Space. Environmental Foresight must be adopted into City Scape Planning.
For so, everyone; citizens, educational institutions, and local corporations, must share the same attitude.
When we understand the problems of global warming, we must take an action. When we take an action towards Environmental Conservation (Protection / Preservation), ECO-FURNITURE will fully support that action.

Contribution to Ecological and Environmental Education.

Kindergarden and Elementary, Junior-High and Highschool, College and University... ECO-FURNITURE can be utilized as a part of each and every step of Ecological and Environmental Education.

Contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Recommended as a part of your CSR. Not only cab be used as a street light, but also can be seen as a symbol of your social responsibility towards the local environment.

Towards a stylish City Scape Planning.

In your neighborhood, on the avenue, in the park, at your hospital, at welfare facilities... Not only as a street light, but also to add some design to brush up your city scape!

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